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Canstar is deeply saddened by the recent condo fire that impacted the Maple Ridge community over the weekend. The scale of this fire necessitates a strong and coordinated response, and Canstar is committed to providing our full support in the recovery and rebuilding process. We have been awarded the responsibility to assist in this emergency and reconstruction effort, and we are determined to do everything we can to help the affected residents and restore their homes as swiftly as possible.

Canstar will be deploying our best resources and expertise to ensure that the rebuilding process is efficient, effective, and empathetic to the needs of the Maple Ridge community. Our primary focus will be on collaborating closely with the local authorities, construction partners, and community organizations to establish a comprehensive plan for the emergency remediation and reconstruction efforts. We will work diligently to minimize disruptions and provide support not only to those directly affected by the fire but also to the wider community that has been impacted. As we embark on this significant undertaking, we will exercise compassion, professionalism, and teamwork, knowing that our efforts will contribute to the recovery of the Maple Ridge community.

To read more:…/hundreds-displaced-by-fire-in…/

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