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Eliminate Foul Smoke Odour in Your Home

Smoke odours are incredibly difficult to get rid of, no matter what caused them. When you have a lingering odour of smoke in your home or office, you want it gone as soon as possible. Canstar Restorations provides smoke odour elimination services for residential and commercial property owners throughout Vancouver. Learn about our services and how we can help you. If your home or business has been affected by smoke or fire damage and you want to remove the smoke odour permanently, call us right away.

Don’t Wait for Odours to Last

Smoke odours can persist for a long time and are difficult to get rid of. Smoke after a fire, no matter the cause, is a constant reminder of the damage. It permeates every surface of your home. Smoke is likely to affect every item of clothing, every wall, and every cupboard. If you’ve tried to remove the scents from your home on your own, you’ve noticed how difficult it is as ordinary household cleaners can’t reach every nook and cranny where these aromas hide and are not strong enough to remove the smell from the surfaces you can reach.

Additionally, allergies can be triggered by prolonged exposure to residual fire and smoke odours. It’s important to act fast and call Canstar Restorations as soon as possible to schedule our services.

Our Odour Removal Process

First, we start with a detailed examination and analysis of the damaged areas in your house. After that, we establish a smoke odour elimination strategy that is tailored to your specific requirements and budget. Many of our clients are amazed to find how affordable it is to restore the clean air in their homes.

Odours are caused by chemicals, gases, and small particles in the air. Once the source of the odour is eliminated, our professionals will employ deodorization technology in conjunction with a number of products and processes to eliminate the odour. Here are a few examples of how we eliminate smoke odour from your home:

  • Removal of Odour-Causing Items
  • Clean Residue From Surfaces
  • Use Pairing Agents to Combine and Absorb Odour Particles




  • Filter the Air and Absorb Odours
  • Disinfect and Sanitize
  • Use enzyme Digesters
  • Specialty Coatings
  • Air Scrubbers
  • Dehumidifiers and Thermal Drying
  • Set Up Air Purifiers
  • Oxidation

Our team never simply covers up odours. Instead, we isolate the smoke-affected area and employ many different techniques to eliminate the smoke odour from your home. We avoid harsh chemicals as much as possible to help prevent further health issues otherwise associated with the inhalation of smoke particles.

Why Call Us?

Our expert odour removal services are ideal for addressing any odour problem at its source. Without the expensive expenditures and hazardous chemicals associated with traditional cleanup, our extremely effective fire and smoke odour elimination procedures will exceed your expectations.

Our highly educated personnel are the finest in the field when it comes to commercial smoke odour elimination. We eliminate scents at their source using tailored techniques and technology that is safe for use in any residential or commercial living space.

Contact Us Today!

It’s important to work with a professional team such as Canstar Restorations when it comes to making sure your home is safe and free of smoke, odour, and smoke particles following a fire or other disaster. We have the knowledge, techniques, and technology to properly and quickly eliminate tobacco smoke scents from your home. We offer thorough smoke cleansing and sanitation, as well as expert deodorization and duct cleaning. Contact us today to get started. It’s important to conduct smoke cleaning and odour remediation as quickly as possible to avoid the problem becoming worse or permanent.

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