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You’re never ready for disaster but we are!

Canstar Restorations and our sister company ABK Restoration, have made property disaster recovery our life’s work. Drying and restoring buildings and possessions that were impacted by both major and minor natural events is what we do.

Clean up after a water, wind or fire event is very specialized work due to the risk of further or continuing damage such as structural damage or mould. We have millions of dollars invested in training, facilities, and equipment that are specific to this work.

The recent floods in the Sumas Plain/Abbotsford, Merritt, Princeton, and other areas in the Province bring a whole new level of challenge resulting from contaminated water that may include pesticides, fertilizer, petroleum, and sewage. Our training and equipment include this extra dimension. Our website includes a great deal of information on all types of disasters and outlines how we deal with them.

Phone Line


With the recent flooding in our Province, we believe those that have suffered flooding are dealing with challenges that fall under one of the following four categories:

1. Your loss is insured
Step 1 – contact your insurance company and they will walk you through your coverage.
Step 2 – work with your insurance provider and let them know you would like Canstar Restorations to assist you in the drying of your building, removing, and cleaning or disposing of your contents, and removing building components that cannot be sanitized.
Step 3 – Once full remediation and abatement is completed, we will rebuild your structure to pre-loss condition and put back all contents that were impacted once they are fully cleaned and sanitized.

2. Your loss is partially insured
You have limited coverage because of a sublimit and are unsure of where to spend the limited funds. It is our recommendation that you invest in making your home safe first with professional drying and disinfection and we are there to assist you. You can reach us at 604-549-0099 for immediate attention 24/7.

3. Your loss is uninsured
and you do NOT qualify for Provincial Emergency Program funds

A first step to establishing if you qualify would be to check this link. If you do not qualify, feel free to call us to discuss how we might help you directly, either by helping quantify your loss or by doing all or some limited work that you would pay for directly.

4. Your loss is uninsured
and you qualify for Provincial Emergency Program funds

You will need to establish how much you are claiming and document all personal belongings that were impacted. This can be a complicated process and we have experts that can assist in this process and of course, we can help with that and the repairs. Call us today.