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Fire Damage Restoration

We have a broad range of techniques and the best equipment on the market to restore your home or business to its original condition.

electrical fire

If There’s Fire or Smoke Damage

If not addressed by professionals, the aftermath of a fire can lead to:

  • Health hazards due to particulate in the air and on building materials
  • Structural damage to the building

Here’s What You Do

Put Out the Fire

Put out the fire (if safe to do so) or get out and call 911.

Open Windows

Open windows to get rid of smoke or wait until Fire Department gives all clear.

Call Canstar Fire and Flood

Report and begin the claim process. 1-844-806-4612.

Call Your Insurance Company

Here’s What We Do

Emergency Services Gets to Work

Team arrives and begins water extraction; drying process begins and takes 4-6 days. Contents removed or cleaned/stored.

Scoping and Estimating on Final Repairs

Structural repairs, drywall & paint, flooring repaired/replaced.

What’s Canstar Fire and Flood Going to Do?

As certified fire restoration professionals, we have the expertise and compassion to fill your fire restoration needs. We understand the distress a fire causes – we’ve helped thousands of families like yours.

With over thirty years in the restoration business, time has taught us what is most important to you: getting the fire damage repaired quickly and with as little aggravation as possible while fully meeting all long-term safety and health standards.

Fire damage often goes much deeper than what is immediately visible. Smoke and fine particulates can infiltrate building materials and travel through the ductwork into other rooms. In addition, the water and chemicals firefighters use to extinguish the blaze require specialized cleanup techniques.

Because of the potential hazards, it is vital that a Canstar Fire and Flood team arrive on-site to begin the restoration process as soon as possible. We utilize many leading-edge technologies for the restoration process, which include:

  • Air cleaners such as ozone and hydroxyl machines, which break down hydrogen molecules to disintegrate particulates
  • Specialty coatings that prevent odor from spreading
  • Specialty deodorization
  • Air scrubbers
  • Truck-mounted extractors
  • Dehumidifiers/thermal drying

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