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Water Damage Restoration in British Columbia, Alberta & Saskatchewan

Canstar Restorations provides premier water damage restoration services throughout British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan. We use a broad range of techniques and state-of-the-art equipment to restore your home or business to its original condition. As a residential or commercial property owner, one of your worst fears is probably having your property incur water damage. However, you can rely on our expert team to provide water removal and emergency restoration services if it does.


home with water on floor

What Is Water Damage Restoration?

Water damage restoration describes the process of cleaning water damage. Water damage restoration is often referred to as water remediation, water removal, water extraction, water mitigation, and flood cleanup. Whether you’ve endured minimal water damage or severe flood damage, we can help.

Signs Of Water Damage

No one wants their property to have water damage, as it can cause numerous costly expenses to arise and various health concerns as well. Some common signs of water damage include the following:

  • Roof damage
  • Mould growth
  • Various leaks and puddles
  • Sounds of running water
  • Musty or mouldy smells
  • Increased water bills
  • Sudden dampness or humidity
  • Dark or wet spots on walls or ceilings
  • Cracking or flaking on walls or ceilings

What To Do If You Notice Water Damage

Suppose you notice water damage in your British Columbian or Alberta property. In that case, the first step is to identify where the water is coming from. The source can be anything from flash flooding to a leaky roof, fire sprinklers, a faulty appliance, a burst pipe or broken water main, or even a sewer backup. Once you identify where the water is coming from, stop the flow of water if possible. If you aren’t able to, contact Canstar Restorations. Next, secure the area. If accessible and safe, remove all wet items from the site, including furniture, carpets, and loose items like toys. Open windows or use central air to help reduce humidity and keep your system fan turned on. Then, if you haven’t already, contact our water damage restoration company. It’s also important to report the damage, begin the claim process, and contact your insurance company at your earliest convenience.

Stop the Flow

Locate the source of the water and if possible, stop it. Can’t? Call a plumber, or us. See list of preferred plumbers.

Secure the Area

If accessible and safe, remove all wet items from the area, including furniture, carpets, and loose items like toys. Open windows or use central air to help reduce humidity; keep your system fan in the “on” position (not auto).

Call Canstar Restorations

Report and begin the claim process. Removing water as soon as possible is essential to the drying process. 1-844-806-4612.

Call Your Insurance Company
maintenance man

We Offer 24/7 Emergency Water Damage Restoration

Canstar Restorations offers 24/7 emergency services for your convenience. Our expert team will arrive at your property and begin water removal when you have an emergency, followed by the drying process. The drying process can take anywhere from four to six days to be completed. We will also help you remove your belongings, clean them, and store them. Depending on the extent of their water damage, though, some things may need to be replaced. From there, we will scope the area and provide you with an estimate for final repairs and handle any of your reconstruction needs, such as structural repairs, drywall and paint repairs, and flooring repairs or replacement.

What Canstar Restorations Can Do To Help

If water damage restoration is delayed or ignored, you risk more significant problems presenting themselves. These problems can include mould, mildew, bacterial growth, electrical hazards, deterioration of flooring, as well as rotting and permanent damage to your belongings and even your property’s structure or foundation. To help your water damage situation as soon as possible, get in touch with Canstar Restorations professionals to help dry and repair the existing building materials rather than remove and replace them. This minimizes the amount of demolition and is less expensive and more environmentally sound.

Emergency Services Gets to Work

Team arrives and begins water extraction; drying process begins (4-6 days). Contents removed, cleaned/stored or replaced.

Scoping and Estimating on Final Repairs

Structural repairs, drywall & paint, flooring repaired/replaced.

Canstar building

The Equipment We Use For Water Damage Restoration

Canstar Restorations uses state-of-the-art equipment for water damage restoration services throughout British Columbia and Alberta. Once every 24 hours, our team will monitor your home or business’s equipment, temperature, humidity, and moisture content to ensure everything is as it should be. We use moisture meters and thermal imaging cameras to detect humidity levels and ensure that the drying process is complete before moving on to the next phase of your restoration. Depending on your unique situation, we use the following state-of-the-art equipment:

  • Truck-mounted extractors
  • Dehumidifiers
  • Thermal drying trailers
  • Air movers and fans
  • Viking drying systems
  • Air scrubbers
  • Wood-floor drying systems
  • Sub-floor drying equipment

Contact Us Today For Water Damage Restoration Services

As a full-service restoration company with 11 branches across Canada and close to 40 years of industry experience, you can trust Canstar Restorations to provide you with the best water damage restoration services. Our Canadian company has been locally-owned and -operated since 1985. We offer residential, commercial, and institutional services, as well as 24-hour emergency services. Contact us today to learn more about our water damage restoration services or to schedule a free consultation.

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