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The Canstar Restorations Green Initiative

At Canstar Restorations, we are committed to sustainable business practices and doing our part to protect the environment.

In the past, the restoration industry relied on harsh chemicals to clean and restore buildings and contents. However, with better awareness of the damaging effects of these chemicals on the environment, we cannot, in good conscience, rely on these outmoded products.

Fortunately, science and technology have given us alternatives that not only get the job done but are often more effective than the products used in the past.

individuals cleaning in hazmat suit


Biological cleaning products rely on “good” bacteria that digest dirt. The bacteria spores lay dormant in the product until they come in contact with dirty surfaces. Once activated, billions of dirt-eating micro-organisms clean your home or business without damaging the environment like conventional cleaning products.

Best of all, biologicals work faster than chemical-based products. They are also more effective compared to traditional cleaners and there are no harsh residues. Biological products are safe and easy to transport and store.


Botanicals contain essential oils, such as thyme oil and other plant extracts that harness nature’s method of killing germs. In plants, these compounds provide immune defences and they are similarly effective in cleaning products.

Benefect Products

Canstar Restorations protects the health of our clients and employees by using the Benefect line of botanical cleaners. They are as effective as ammonia or chlorine and kill more than 99.99 percent of bacteria, mould, mildew, and fungal spores. Benefect also deodorizes without damaging the ecosystem or our bodies.

In fact, Benefect is considered the safest disinfectant in the world — guaranteed not to harm pets, children, or people with chemical sensitivities. It is approved by Health Canada and won’t contribute to anti-microbial resistance like other products.

Reducing Environmental Impact

In partnership with Richmond-based Urban Impact, Canstar Restorations has created company-wide recycling strategies. As a result, we successfully divert tons of material from landfills every year.

Whenever materials from a site cannot be cleaned or restored, we recycle everything possible and safely dispose of the rest according to provincial and municipal guidelines.

As a result of our efforts, we save millions of litres of water, thousands of trees, and hundreds of thousands of kilowatt-hours of electricity each year.

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