Restoring Hope to Animals: Why We Support the BC SPCA

Since 2018, Canstar has donated more than $30,000.00 to the BC SPCA and despite the roller-coaster ride that was 2020, our support grew stronger. Here’s why…

This year, many of us are reflecting on what we are grateful for, what we wish to leave behind, and what really matters to us.  Some of us have become better at baking, some of us have decided once and for all that we cannot garden.

For those of us with pets, we now know for certain what a blessing they are.

Pets can improve our mental health, and many studies link pets with the lowering of stress – usually by measuring the effect on a person’s blood pressure of the simple act of stroking an animal. It doesn’t even matter which type of animal we pet, dogs and cats, rats or goats. Pet-owners also appear to make fewer visits to the doctor and sleep more soundly than those who lack such non-human company. A recent survey determined that 9/10 cat owners said that their pets helped to provide better mental health. In short, they keep us sane and healthy.


Aside from the affection they give, or the attention that we delightfully provide to them, animals are just plain entertaining. Office meetings have been transformed into a show-and-tell of background barking and cats on keyboards… and we love it!

The BC SPCA has been uniting people and pets for 125 years. They provide care, advocacy and education and truly enhance the quality of life for animals and animal lovers. For these reasons (and many more) we are so honored to support the BC SPCA.

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