Canstar at Habitat for Humanity

Canstar Restorations sponsored a Build-Day through Habitat for Humanity.  Our team helped out in their ReStore Vancouver location, and we had a ton of fun while supporting this great cause.  Special thanks to Habitat for Humanity Greater Vancouver for having us and making us feel very welcome.


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Global BC News


Monday, October 27, 2014:  The south coast is bracing for yet another fall storm with the potential to knock out power and cause flooding.  Jay Dargatz spoke to Global BC News about the types of flooding Canstar encounters.

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BBB Torch Award Finialist

We are proud to announce that Canstar has qualified as a BBB Torch Award finalist for the Marketplace Excellence Large Business category.

BBB’s Torch Award is one of the highest achievements in the business community. This year marks the 7th Annual Torch Awards that continue to recognize businesses committed to demonstrating ethical practices in their daily operations.

Marketplace Excellence Award is presented to a BBB Accredited Business in recognition of their commitment and adherence to BBB Standards For Trust to benefit their customers, employees, suppliers shareholders and surrounding communities.

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They’re our children, too

Performing restoration services for school districts requires that we follow a strict set of guidelines and protocols. We would expect nothing less. After all, risk management takes on a whole new meaning when lives are at stake, especially those of our children. For Canstar Restoration employees, this means treating the situation with the same careful attention we give each and every task, on each and every job.

Let’s begin at the beginning. Each employee is carefully chosen to represent the team. Not only are we chosen by our ability to perform our job functions, but we’re also chosen by our ability to exhibit the traits that make our customers feel safe, secure and confident in our presence in their environment.

Once on board, whether their role will become an administrative role or a technical field role, orientation takes each new employee through a process of
learning not only the company policies and procedures, but also the “company way” as defined by our unique culture of understanding and respect. It is imperative that we carry this willingness into the field on each and every job because it enables our team to easily grasp the critical nature of customized site safety and security.

Restoration industry standards and guidelines are put into place to eliminate grey areas and unacceptable practices. Reputable restoration contractors welcome a challenge to confirm that they are indeed following restoration standard protocol.

The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC) ( has a well-recognized written restoration standard called the IICRC S500 that Canstar, along with most professionals in the industry, recognize and adhere to closely. All Canstar field technicians receive ongoing training to make sure they are competent when determining what the procedures are for addressing your water damage claims and whether the restoration project is done according to industry standards. For the lead field technicians, knowing the necessary equipment is available to them at a moment’s notice is vital to the success of their remediation.

Having confidence that in a large loss situation, the company has the resources to deliver ample equipment, including industrial trailer-style hot-air exchangers, vortex drying systems, air movers, dehumidifiers, air exchange units – and, of course, manpower – enables the technician to efficiently remediate during the initial emergency and pave the way to a smooth transition to the project’s next phase. The resulting company confidence breeds innovative thinking and non-destructive drying solutions. School district guidelines are also put into place to remove any grey areas where actions could be considered questionable. Behaviour must be transparent, and adherence to safety rules is mandatory. Field technicians must sign in and sign out, use only designated washrooms, refrain from smoking, be mindful of securing open doors and gates, keep all work areas safe, and use spotters to ensure student safety while moving vehicles; all common-sense rules.

After all, they’re our children, too.