BCAA Gives Back – Zajac Ranch

On May 19th, Canstar Restorations joined in BCAA’s volunteer day at Zajac Ranch.  Over 50 BCAA staff attended at the Ranch, and renewed flower beds and trails, power washed sidewalks, and built benches and tables.  The event was remarkably well organized and a wonderful lunch was catered by the Zajac Ranch kitchen.

In the closing comments, the Zajac Ranch management expressed their appreciation of BCAA’s work, and commented that the beautification of the site helps to build confidence in the facility with the parents and children who attend the ranch each summer.

Thanks to BCAA for asking us to participate, to the Zajac Ranch for their hospitality, and to the Canstar staff who made us proud with their workmanship and hard work:  Bill Savoy, Paul Kaczmarek, Greg Chiasson, Mike Alexander, Foti Ganis, Sam Hamilton and Robby Todosichuk.

More details can be found at www.bcaa.com/bcaagivesback

(Photography credits: Roger Mahler Photography)

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