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To help located possible or hidden mould growth don’t look for mould. This might sound ridiculous, but most moulds are hidden in wall cavities, behinds baseboards or appliances. Look for signs of water damage that could be concealing mould. We know that mould needs water to grow, understanding these signs of water damage will help you uncover possible concealed mould growth.

1. Bubbling

When water soaks into certain building materials it creates a visible bubbling effect.

2. Buckling & Separating

Water can cause building material to warp. When this happens, they can pull away from each other or create a bowing effect.


3. Cracking & Peeling

Water can also eat away at building materials causing then to crack, peel or rot away.



4. Rust & Efflorescence

Water causes chemical reactions resulting in rust on metal, or a white powdery substance on concrete.

5. Staining

This may be the most obvious sign of water damage, but often goes overlooked because there are no signs of visible mould growth.


Keep in mind that some of these signs can be caused by other factor, but in my experience often these water damage signs are indications of possible hidden mould growth.  If you do find any of the example, give us a call and we can help investigate further.

Jonathan Bosnick
Hazmat Manager
NorHaz – A Canstar Company

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