Trauma Scene Cleanup

We don’t talk about it often, but death and injury are part of our daily lives. Bodily fluids from death or major injuries pose a serious biohazard.  Whether they result from natural causes, an accident, or criminal activity, they must be handled professionally in order to ensure that the space is safe for future occupants.

Canstar Restorations focuses on both the privacy and well-being of our customers. We have developed a specialized training program for employees who work on these types of cleanup projects, which not only gives them the technical skills required, but also the means to deal with what can be difficult work. These team members are also selected specifically for their ability to compassionately interact with a victim’s family, answering any questions they may have with confidence and sensitivity while ensuring that our work meets the very highest standards. When appropriate, Canstar will bring in specialized sub-contractors such as hygienists and medical waste specialists to conduct testing and help establish the work tasks required for the project.

For more information on Canstar’s trauma scene cleanup services, please contact us today.