Storm Damage Restoration

It’s rare that we have a storm strong enough to cause significant damage to homes or businesses in the Lower Mainland. However, when a Pacific coastal storm sweeps in, damage can be devastating.

Restoration Expertise

Canstar Restorations knows how storm damages affect Lower Mainland residents. We have been helping homeowners and businesses repair and rebuild storm-damaged buildings since 1985.

We are also experts in restoring your contents. Canstar’s experienced restoration teams are trained to deal with any kind of damage or contamination issue.

Storm damage is usually caused by the following:

  • falling trees
  • flying debris,
  • high winds
  • surface flooding

After a storm, survey your property inside and out. Give us a call at Canstar if there is any sign of damage.

If not addressed promptly, even a seemingly small issue can have significant consequences such as:

  • Ingress of floodwater mixed with street residue, lawn fertilizer and other chemicals
  • Building material degradation, which can lead to structural damage
  • Deterioration of floors, walls and other indoor surfaces
  • Excess humidity resulting in mould and bacteria growth

Our Restoration Process

For the safety of building occupants, all weather damaged structures must be inspected for structural integrity. Once stabilized, we board up the structure, if necessary, and begin remediation immediately.

We carefully remove your belongings and relocate them to Canstar’s restoration facilities for cleaning, decontamination, drying and storage.

We dry and dehumidify your entire building so that all moisture issues are resolved prior to the start of restoration work and the return of your possessions.

24-Hour Service

Canstar has an in-house call centre with 24-hour emergency service 365 days a year. Give us a call if you have any questions or would like to book a free consultation.