Residential Property Restoration

Canstar Restorations is in the business of restoring your home to its original condition when it is damaged by fire, flood or storm.

Once the safety of everyone is secured, we begin your restoration:

  1. Immediate action mitigates loss and prevents further damage. We do a thorough cleanup and get equipment such as dryers and dehumidifiers set up and operating.
  2. Pack-Out: We sort your belongings, pack them up and move them to our secure, climate-controlled storage and restoration facilities.
  3. We begin the restoration of your belongings and your home.

How Long Will The Restoration Take?

“I was very impressed with the speed in which the work was carried out”

~ A.P. Surrey, BC

The time it takes to restore a damaged building varies from as little as a few hours to as long as a few weeks. How long it takes depends on the following:

  • extent of damages/complexity of restorations
  • weather (for outdoor restorations)
  • type and size of loss
  • number of specialty tradespeople & contractors
  • custom orders

We can dry a typical home in three to five days. However, drying times may be longer depending on the amount of water and the composition of the building. Your project manager will provide you with an estimated completion date.

What To Expect

  • One or more site inspections by the project manager
  • Possible site inspections by various tradespeople
  • Canstar employees onsite in uniform with ID
  • Regular communication and updates

We are on the preferred vendors list of most insurance companies, so approval of your restoration is quick and easy. We are trusted and well-reviewed with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.