Restoring Hope to Animals: Why We Support the BC SPCA

Since 2018, Canstar has donated more than $30,000.00 to the BC SPCA and despite the roller-coaster ride that was 2020, our support grew stronger. Here’s why…

This year, many of us are reflecting on what we are grateful for, what we wish to leave behind, and what really matters to us.  Some of us have become better at baking, some of us have decided once and for all that we cannot garden.

For those of us with pets, we now know for certain what a blessing they are.

Pets can improve our mental health, and many studies link pets with the lowering of stress – usually by measuring the effect on a person’s blood pressure of the simple act of stroking an animal. It doesn’t even matter which type of animal we pet, dogs and cats, rats or goats. Pet-owners also appear to make fewer visits to the doctor and sleep more soundly than those who lack such non-human company. A recent survey determined that 9/10 cat owners said that their pets helped to provide better mental health. In short, they keep us sane and healthy.


Aside from the affection they give, or the attention that we delightfully provide to them, animals are just plain entertaining. Office meetings have been transformed into a show-and-tell of background barking and cats on keyboards… and we love it!

The BC SPCA has been uniting people and pets for 125 years. They provide care, advocacy and education and truly enhance the quality of life for animals and animal lovers. For these reasons (and many more) we are so honored to support the BC SPCA.

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The Dry Standard; an Investment in Your Health, Safety and Property


Leaks, spills and drain back-ups are so common, we can almost consider them inevitable. After a water loss has occurred, it is critical to inspect affected materials and begin mitigation right away. After removing standing water, many home and business owners don’t have the area professionally dried, believing that if the area feels dry, they must be in the clear. However, without the proper tools and training, it is nearly impossible to tell how much moisture is still present. Secondary water damage such as mold growth and warping can lead to further health and safety consequences.


In keeping up with the needs of our clients, Canstar Fire and Flood regularly upgrades our drying equipment and processes. Our newest batch of machines are quieter, lighter, more powerful and highly efficient. And now, thanks to Bluetooth monitoring technology, our machines are smarter.


For 35 years, Canstar has led the pack in restorative structural drying, saving our clients time, money and headaches. The goal of restorative structural drying is to remove the water from the building as quickly as possible while maintaining the integrity of the building materials. This process is scientific, requires extensive training and it is regulated.


After extracting water with the use of our pumps and vacuums, we then move on to the drying process.

To achieve the industry dry standard, we first calculate the type and number of pieces of equipment needed. We then strategically place the equipment around each ‘chamber’.


Our specially designed industrial air movers (fans) are set up in very specific patterns in the affected areas. These machines act to speed up the evaporation process. As the water evaporates from the floors, walls and ceilings it moves into the air. The water is then pulled out of the air, captured and condensed by the dehumidifier. It is critical that the evaporated water be removed from the building by dehumidification otherwise the water will remain in the building materials and cause secondary damage, such as mold or rot. The abatement of mold or rot is expensive, disruptive and potentially dangerous – please do not attempt (call us).



During the drying process, Canstar’s Water Damage Technicians monitor the affected areas while employing the science of psychrometrics to help guide their actions. Psychrometrics measures the relationship of temperature, relative humidity, specific humidity, dew point, air and moisture movement.


Our equipment, combined with our expertise and training, has saved homeowners, business owners and insurance partners millions in repairs from secondary water damage.


The American National Standards Institute in conjunction with the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification publish ANSI/IICRC S500-2015 Standard and Reference Guide for Professional Water Damage Restoration. We encourage you to learn more by visiting

For a conversation about the importance of restorative structural drying, or to arrange for an in-depth lunch and learn session, please call or send me an email.


Johanna Molson | Sales Manager
Cell | 604 219 4056
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Back to School 2020: COVID-19 Prevention and Control Measures

Classroom learning provides children the opportunity for collaborative learning, peer engagement, problem solving, as well as overall wellness. It also provides many children access to programs and services that are integral to their social and emotional development.

Across Canada, students will be gradually restarting classes beginning Sept. 10, with measures in place to prevent widespread COVID-19 transmission. These measures are more effective in controlled environments where they can be routinely and consistently implemented and adjusted as needed.

Schools are considered a controlled environment by public health. This is because schools are made up of a consistent grouping of people, illness policies for students and staff are well defined, and personal practices for hygiene can be taught and monitored (e.g. diligent hand hygiene, respiratory etiquette, etc.).

As always, we rely on our teachers and school administrators to keep our children safe – let’s be patient and courteous to them. Let’s also help them where we can. By understanding the safety measures and the methodology behind them, we can reinforce our children’s own safety routines, so that our teachers can focus on their energy on teaching.

The Hierarchy for Infection Prevention and Exposure Control lists actions that should be taken to reduce the transmission of COVID-19. Actions at the top are most effective and broad reaching, whereas the measures near the bottom require that all members of society chip in a little. By applying a combination of actions at each level, the risk of COVID-19, is substantially reduced.




  • Public Health Measures are actions taken across society at the population level to reduce the spread and impact of COVID-19. Each Provincial Health Officer has implemented public health measures, including the closure of schools and certain businesses, prohibiting mass gatherings, contact tracing, and communicating the importance of self-isolating when people feel ill.


  • Environmental Measures are changes to the physical space to reduce the risk of exposure, including utilizing outdoor spaces, using visual reminders for maintaining physical distance or directing traffic flow in hallways, building physical barriers, and frequent cleaning and disinfection.


  • Administrative Measures are the result of changes in policies, procedures, training and education. Examples of these include health and wellness policies, defined cohorts (a group of students and staff who remain together throughout a school term), adapted schedules and supporting those that must keep a physical distance from others.


  • Personal Measures are actions individuals can take to protect themselves and others. Examples include maintaining physical distance/minimizing physical contact, washing your hands frequently, wearing a mask when possible, coughing into your elbow and staying home if you are sick.


  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is not effective as a stand-alone preventive measure. It should be suited to the task and must be worn and disposed of properly. Outside of health- care settings, the effectiveness of PPE is generally limited to protecting others should you be infected.


The beginning of any school year brings excitement, anticipation and sometimes, a little panic… for parents. We wish all parents the best of luck in helping their children adjust to the new normal at school.


We’d also like to thank our teachers for all the hard work that is ahead of them.


Crossroads Hospice Society – Hike for Hospice

The Crossroads Hospice Society is a cause in which Canstar Restorations steadily supports year after year.  The Hospice Society provides physical, psychological, social and practical support to people living with life-threatening illness, their loved ones and the bereaved.

In these times of social distancing, we were not able to come together as we normally would for the annual Hike for Hospice which raises awareness about palliative care and funds for hospice.

Even though apart, we were still able to come together in spirit.  Some Canstar members went out for a hike or walk with their families and fur-babies in full support of the Hike for Hospice on Sunday, May 3, 2020, and together, we raised/donated over $800.00.

A huge thank you to Crossroads Hospice Society for all the amazing work they do to provide compassionate care and support to people with life-limited illness and to their families.

Conquer COVID19 PPE Event

On Saturday, April 25, 2020, Canstar Restorations opened our Surrey branch to host a PPE drive in support of Conquer COVID19; an organization spearheaded by Hayley Wickenheiser and Ryan Reynolds.

A huge thank you to every donor who rolled through. Because of you, we were able to collect 2,500 N95 masks as well as pallets of diapers, wipes, formula and various other products needed at women’s shelters.

What an honour and pleasure it was working alongside our friends at Platinum Pro-Claim Restoration, Barclay Restorations DKI and the City of Surrey.

There is nothing like coming together with a greater purpose in mind; helping our front-line workers get the protection they need to keep on fighting the good fight.

(📷 Credit: Barclay, Platinum Pro-Claim & City of Surrey)

14th Annual Hike for Hospice

On May 1, 2016, the Canstar Team rallied together to show our support for the 14th Annual Hike for Hospice which took place at Port Moody Civic Centre.  The 5km walk around the Shoreline Trail at Rocky Point was accompanied by perfect, sunny weather and great company.


If you would like to learn more about Crossroads Hospice Society, please visit their website:


We thank Crossroads for organizing such a wonderful event and providing us with our team photo.  We look forward to next year’s hike!


IMG_4776 (2)  13131622_10153683659427199_5632254128169123530_o  IMG_4782  IMG_4688 (2)

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Children’s Wish 6th Annual Exile Island

Team Dream Big, which consisted of members from Canstar Restorations, Cunningham Lindsey and CJB Restoration, participated in the 6th Annual Children’s Wish Exile Island event on November 20th.  Each team participating in the event was given a Children’s Wish child to fundraise for and help grant their wish.

Our child, Jaidyn (7), was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, a cancer of the white blood cells.  Jaidyn’s wish was to go to Disney World Land & Sea Cruise with her family.

Team Dream Big had a fun day bonding with Jaidyn and her family.  We are excited that we have accomplished our fundraising goal and will be sending Jaidyn and her family on their cruise!

12241660_10156218094195405_712241225872634242_n-220x300 IMG_2120-300x225 IMG_2125-225x300 IMG_2129-300x225 IMG_2135-300x225 IMG_2136-300x225 12241660_10156218094195405_712241225872634242_n-220x300 12244670_10156218102500405_2469960496728980434_o-300x199 12291250_10156218094230405_4722295133018267545_o-300x220 12291266_10156218101525405_7062831186535438588_o-300x220 12291286_10156218088235405_5506324480946371343_o-300x220 12301587_10156218102940405_5706682013731706171_n-220x300

13th Annual CIP Society Golf Tournament

The seasons first industry golf tournament opened up on June 5, 2015 which was held at Hazelmere Golf & Tennis Club.

It was great to see a lot of familiar and new faces. The sun was shining, the people were smiling – we couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day.

We thank the Institute of BC for hosting and organizing such a well attended event.  We are looking forward to next years tournament.

(Photo Credits: IIBC)




BCAA Gives Back – Zajac Ranch

On May 19th, Canstar Restorations joined in BCAA’s volunteer day at Zajac Ranch.  Over 50 BCAA staff attended at the Ranch, and renewed flower beds and trails, power washed sidewalks, and built benches and tables.  The event was remarkably well organized and a wonderful lunch was catered by the Zajac Ranch kitchen.

In the closing comments, the Zajac Ranch management expressed their appreciation of BCAA’s work, and commented that the beautification of the site helps to build confidence in the facility with the parents and children who attend the ranch each summer.

Thanks to BCAA for asking us to participate, to the Zajac Ranch for their hospitality, and to the Canstar staff who made us proud with their workmanship and hard work:  Bill Savoy, Paul Kaczmarek, Greg Chiasson, Mike Alexander, Foti Ganis, Sam Hamilton and Robby Todosichuk.

More details can be found at

(Photography credits: Roger Mahler Photography)

bcaa_zajac_farm-0705-300x200 bcaa_zajac_farm-0246-300x200 bcaa_zajac_farm-0279-300x200-1 photo-11-300x225 bcaa_zajac_farm-0024-300x200 bcaa_zajac_farm-0109-300x200 bcaa_zajac_farm-0532-300x200 bcaa_zajac_farm-0654-300x200 bcaa_zajac_farm-0028-300x200 bcaa_zajac_farm-0262-200x300-1 bcaa_zajac_farm-0192-300x200 bcaa_zajac_farm-0587-300x200 bcaa_zajac_farm-0611-300x200 bcaa_zajac_farm-0038-300x200 bcaa_zajac_farm-0417-300x200 bcaa_zajac_farm-0494-200x300 bcaa_zajac_farm-0529-300x200 bcaa_zajac_farm-0701-300x200 bcaa_zajac_farm-0473-300x200 bcaa_zajac_farm-0262-200x300 bcaa_zajac_farm-0279-300x200



An Evening with the Right Honourable Joe Clark

On March 26th, Canstar hosted a table at the Twelfth Annual Bob Vickerstaff Insurance Industry Dinner.  We were pleased to enjoy the company of MLA Linda Reimer, Counsellor Craig Hodge, and our insurance industry friends Norm Hait, Darren Berg, Pauline Kemp, and Marco Castrucci.  Congratulations to the organizing committee for another outstanding event, hosted by the always entertaining Chuck Byrne, Executive Director of IBABC.  The keynote speaker was the Right Honourable Joe Clark, who delivered a captivating talk on the need for cooperation and open minds when  dealing with domestic issues such as aboriginal rights and claims.

Thanks to our friends for joining us and to the Vickerstaff Committee for continuing the tradition of bringing us all together to hear amazing speakers.