Water Damage Restoration

Canstar has the knowledge, equipment and experience to help restore your home and contents after a flood. We have all had to deal with minor flooding and water damage – caused by a faulty appliance, a sewer backup, or overflowing fixtures – but water damage can also be caused by flooding from nearby water bodies or flash flooding.

If ignored, waterlogged spaces will cause problems over and above the damage caused by the initial ingress. This can include:

  • Mold growth
  • Deterioration of flooring (carpet, hardwood)
  • Excess humidity throughout the structure
  • Long-term contamination (from sewage backup, chemicals and sewage in floodwater, etc.)
  • Rotting of building materials

Canstar Restorations provides a full range of services to help you restore and recover both your home and its possessions. We employ a wide variety of tools and processes in our work, including truck-mounted extractors, dehumidifiers, fans and thermal drying trailers which pump hot, dry air into a space while extracting moisture.

Canstar also strives to minimize the amount of demolition needed for drying whenever possible, including methods such as cutting small holes to allow air to flow behind drywall to dry it, which takes less time than removing, replacing and painting large areas of drywall. Our teams use moisture meters and thermal imaging cameras to ensure that the drying process is done correctly.

It has always been our goal to do the work right, while completing it as quickly as possible, and we are able to be on-site in as little as an hour from the time we receive your call. For more information on how Canstar can help you with your water restoration needs, contact us today.

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