Storm Damage Restoration

Storm season can bring some nasty surprises to the greater Vancouver area. Storm damage can be caused by a number of different factors, such as falling trees and flying debris, high winds and surface flooding. And if not addressed quickly and properly, even a small amount of damage to your home can have major consequences, such as:

  • Long-term contamination, caused by:
    • Sewage backup
    • Floodwater, which acquires pollutants (gas station residue, street residue, fertilizer and other chemicals) as it travels across the ground
  • Building material degradation, which can lead to structural problems later on
  • Deterioration of floor surfaces
  • Excess humidity and mold growth
  • Additional water ingress through holes in the building’s structure


Canstar Restorations is an expert in storm damage restoration, and should be called as soon as possible to assess any damage that occurs to your home. Our experienced teams are trained to deal with all damage and contamination issues, and will remove the foreign debris, relocate your contents for cleaning, dry and decontaminate the affected areas, and ensure that all moisture issues are resolved prior to restoration work and return of your items.

For more information on Canstar’s storm damage restoration services, please contact us today.

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