Fire Damage Restoration

Canstar works hard to restore your home after a Fire. Fire and smoke damage can extend far further than the eye can see. It not only burns the structure and the contents of the space, but smoke and particulate can travel through the walls and into other rooms in ways that are not readily visible. Add to this the water or chemicals that firefighters use to extinguish the blaze, and the result can be a mess. If not addressed quickly, the results of the fire can:

  • Create a health hazard due to particulate in the air, which can cause lung damage (among other issues)
  • Cause structural issues that, while not immediately visible, can be significant
  • Leave a lingering smoke smell for years after the initial fire due to an invisible film that clings to the structural components (especially protein-based fires)

Because of the potential hazards, it is vital that a Canstar team arrive on site to begin the restoration process as soon as possible. We utilize a number of leading-edge technologies for the restoration process, which include:

  • Air cleaners such as ozone and hydroxyl machines, which break down hydrogen molecules which then disintegrate particulates
  • Specialty coatings that encapsulate particulates and prevent spreading
  • Specialty deodorization
  • Air scrubbers
  • Truck-mounted extractors
  • Dehumidifiers/thermal drying

We will complete the work as quickly as possible, while standards for occupants’ long-term safety and health are fully met. Please contact us today to see how Canstar can help restore your fire-damaged contents and space.

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